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Culture Caviar

Sustainable development

Practical 50of the constitution to prevent the destruction and pollution of the environment and to live in a desirable environment, the cell has used the door and cans and recyclable boxes as the standard for its product packaging .

Quality Control

Our quality control department has been upgrade with updated control system and experienced colleague are continuously and carefully controlling the production and packaging of caviar so that we can offer excellent quality caviar with a full supply of cold chain to our distinguished customers .

Impressive and enjoy

All that you want from the caviar is the beauty of caviar roe and the combination of delicious decoration and its combination with sturgeon fillet , salmon fillet , and many tasty flavors .

 Culture Food Industry Caviar

In order to prevent the invasion of the oceans and seas . the collector has restricted the purchase of raw material  (Tuna Fish )solely from the suppliers of Dolphin safe certificate , thus suppliers of the contractor are required to release dolphins caught in the fishing fleet .

Culture has always focused on protecting the environment and wildlife  through its multinational objectives .

Subculture of Culture Food Industry

With respect and honor ;

The aquaculture Group , with the name of ” Culture ” has started its activities  in the field of sea foods since 2004 . During the time ” Culture ” could develop and build the following :

-Sturgeon farming Sites

-Caviar processing and hatching Center

– Center  of maintenance , inspection and quality control products

Our farms are located near Caspian Sea with following address ;

Farm No 1 : Golma village ,6 km Golma Road  Tajan Bridge  , Sari , Iran

Farm No 2 : Shahid Rajaee Dam , Kiasar Road , Sari , Iran

We provide our sturgeon feeds from “Coppens” International  company in Netherlands .which resultus in a superior quality of flavors and properties of caviar extracted .

Head office : Gol Building , Vali Asr street , 15119-43943 , Tehran


Phone :  (021) 88652009-11
ZIP Code :15119-43943

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